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Whats in your purse?

I am a regular reader of the site homemakerbarbi.com and they have interesting articles from time to time. There was an article that is mainly focused on moms but I think it can be applied both to men and women when going to every day places. If you want to look at the original blog, look over here.

I usually carry 3 items in my handbag: cellphone, wallet, and keys. Sometimes I carry my  hefty coupon book just in case we head out to buy random stuff and save a buck or two.

Here is the suggestions of what 13 items someone should carry in their...daypack and my comments afterwerds. Sorry for the non uniform fonts. This rich text thing on livejournal is acting funky right now.

1.  Allergy medicine.

              I have none known allergies and I do fine in nature. So I shall skip having this in my bag.

2.  Swiss army knife (or other multipurpose tool). 
            i might consider this. There are random times when I am in the car with my mom and she randomly asks if I have tweazers in my bag so she can pluck her eyebrows or something.

3.  Address labels.

          I'm going to skip this.

4.  Traveler’s check.
         I has no job so I'm not going to bother with this right now. :)

5.  Spare car key and house key. 

        I thnk this is a good idea because I tend to lock myself outside of the house. Trait runs in the family...on my mom's side.

6.  Pen and paper.

        Very VERY useful. There were number of times I had to jot down someone's address, email or phone number or directions. Pops always nagged me on this.
7.  Cell phone and/or address book.

         Its hard to live without the cellphone this day and age.

8.  Lighter or matches.

Still pondering on this one. I should steal the boyfriend's idea to carry a lighter but kind of weary because I'm a klutz. Do any of you guys trust me with something flammable?

9. Emergency Snacks.

        This is a must do for me especially when I go out with mom. There are several times when mom's sugar suddenly goes REALLY low. Scary stuff.

10.  Tissues.

       I should do this because its very useful.

11.  Book, magazine, or blog posts. 

       This is where the data plan on my smartphone comes in. But I do carry an extra book or mag when I know I am REALLY going to be stalled for a good amount of time.

12.  To do list.

       Another item pops keeps nagging me to keep. I tend to forget to buy things so the list is very helpful. Now if my mom just sticks to the list and not buy random junk...

13.  Safety pins. 

       Kind of scratching my head at this one. I can carry them I guess...but maybe.

Right now I carry 3 times: my cellphone, wallet, and keys. Occasionally I carry coupons and thats it. I might consider expanding my stash just maybe.


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