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A little glimpse into the Revlon 5k

Yesterday was the Annual Revlon Run/Walk for Women Fundraiser for Cancer research. For the past 16 years without fail the Entertainment Industry Foundation (EIF) has hosted the Revlon Run/Walk at Exposition Park and every year the number of participants has grown exponentially. This year it has grown to a whopping 55,000. With that large number you are guaranteed there will be heavy traffic heading to the designated parking lots in a relatively small area around the event.

My group so happens to be stuck in said traffic. We were staring at the behind of this Lexus RX  400h Hybrid similar to the above image for more than 50 min while stuck in an intersection. On the license plate it read "IAM RUNNER." I turned to Richly and go "Gee, I'm guessing this is one of the runners?" He just looked at me and goes "you think?" So from there we made a little story about the driver of this car even though I can't recall seeing the actual driver. The story goes:

The driver most likely went to Berkeley for college and is now a very succesful yuppy since he/she drives an upperclass Hybrid. Since he is very succesful and a yuppy, he only shops at the alternative food stores and goes to the local farmers market so he can be "Green" as possible. Since he is very succesful, he is too good for Trader Joes and only shops at Whole Foods where all the products are made from organic  and/or sustainable ingredients. Also since he wants to support the local farmers, he goes regularly to the Farmers Market early in the morning and probably know the farmers by name.  The End.