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February 24th is Mardi Gras meaning February 25th is Ash Wednesday begins.

Ash Wednesday is the kick off the lent season, which marks 46 days before Easter. Back in Irvine, me and my friends called it "Catholic Awareness Day." I know by the power of wikipedia, it is also observed by other Christian denominations, but the name just stuck by my fellow classmates. It was amusing at our night labs seeing random people having a black cross on their forehead.

My last year in Irvine was a very memorable one. We had two priests at the mass I attended. One was a Vietnamese priest named Fr. Nguyen, and the other one was an Irish priest name Fr. Pat O'Brian. Yes the latter one sounds like a very big Irish Catholic stereotype.

Father Nguyen did the sermon and he was easing us into the scriptures by telling a joke. How a priest  who taught at a private school was a very patient man. His students were very naughty and pull tricks on him. The saintly priest just took it in stride and brushed it off. When Ash Wednesday came, he took revenge. When it was time for the students to come up to have ash put on their forehead, the priest put the largest cross their forehead can take.

This brings me back to my situation. When it was our turn to have ashes put on our forehead, Fr Pat O'Brian, put a cross that practically took 50% of my forehead. I think he thinks I've been naughty that year. 0.0 I even have a picture on my phone just to prove it.

I'm used to having  a tiny cross that looks like a dot on my forehead.