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A trip to the store.

Today I went to Babies "R" Us with sis, chad, and mom. When you first enter the store it overwhelmed me. There were sooo much stuff to take in. The baby walkers  were REALLY busy looking and got complicated from just looking at it. The one I had was very very simple with 3 beads to push back and forth to entertain me.

My mom did buy a baby blanket and while in line, I saw the good and evil of having a baby.

Good: There were parents and grandparents holding their little ones or seeing they look peaceful in the baby carriage. I know my mom is waiting to see that again.

Bad: TANTRUMS! Especially when they hit toddler age, you would see a lot of tantrums, especially the little girl in the front who was in a cart in  front  of me. I don't blame her though. This is based on an assumption. When they entered the store, they grabbed a rattler or a small toy from a display shelf for her to keep busy with when they shop in the store. She is content with playing with the toy, bonding with it even though they had to wait in a very VERY long line at the cashiers. When they got up to the cashier lady, the dad took away the toy from her and set it aside on the table where they have other sale items. She threw a REALLY big tantrum. Like I said, I wouldn't blame her if I was that age. I think that was really REALLY mean.