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Going Green

I tend to go "Green" especially when its free or nearly free.

Most types of paper that can be recycled, I put it in the blue bin. I say most because paper products that is covered in wax like fancy paper plates and paper cups from McDonalds or Coffee Bean and Tealeaf cannot be recycled. Also gift wrapper with shiny metalic paper are not recyclable.

Most people don't know it but Styrofoam can be recycled, if you look at the bottom of the cups, they usually have the universal recycle emblem on it with a number 6 on the bottom.

Any plastics with the universal recycle emblem, I put it in the blue bin. But if its soda cans, soda bottles or singular disposable drinking bottles, I put it aside to get a refund. We already pay for it when we purchase the beginning product. (check the CRV on the grocery receipt)

Don't worry, I am not THAT much of a recycle nazi that I might end up looking like this:


In my house I pushed in using those $1 reusable bags at the grocery stores. I don't do it all the time because we need those bags to through are garbage away. But sometimes we have such an excess, that it takes up a lot of space in the house. I cringe every time we go to seafood city because they give out too much plastic bags, doubling groceries where it is not necessary.You can imagine how much Seafood City can save by not giving out excess plastic bags.

I think I have gotten in the habit of bringing my own bags while I was in Irvine. A large percentage of O.C. people bring their own bags, then again, most of these people are of the yuppy class and shop more often at Trader Joe's and Whole Paycheck Foods. Also I have been influenced by one of my old roommates, and my Spanish teacher who both were very "Green" enough that they became vegan and air dry their clothes. Don't worry, I do love my meat, and use a dryer because air drying in my backyard is a no no especially when you have a refinery station practically in the back of the house.

What brought on this semi-rant? Well its because my mom was brushing her teeth and she LEFT THE WATER RUNNING!!!! Since I was little I was taught not to let the faucet run while brushing your teeth so you can conserve water resources. Its also wasteful spending on the water bill.
When we had that faulty kitchen faucet where in order to close it you would have to put it in 3rd or 5th gear, my mom wouldn't make sure its closed properly and the water would be running a bit and she wouldn't do anything about it till I either complain or close it myself.

If you are lucky, or insane, to reach this point, you might be thinking I'm a Green freak. I don't really force my views onto others, I'm just putting information out there. If I have a plastic bottle from a function, and I have a bag to hold it, I would keep it in my bag till I get home to put the bottle away. Probably its the tipid  (cheap) pinoy in me who is willing to go the extra mile to get an extra 5 cents in my recycling. And no, I don't collect other people's bottles or cans for my own financial gain...even though I did that last Monday...whoops.

In reality...not really. I actually have an ulterior motive.

I'm trying to declutter the house and save money. The more stuff that goes in the blue recycling bin, the more stuff can go into the trash bin. The more stuff that goes into the bins, the more stuff gets out of the house. Its a HUGE project, been doing this since August and it still doesn't look like I even made a dent. Its that bad.

Right now I don't always buy much Green products because its actually more expensive than regular items. If it is a really good investment, i.e. a Sigg bottle, I would do it. If its like recycled printing paper, not right now because regular paper is cheaper.

The verdict is out if I want to invest in compressed fluorescent lightbulbs. Even though its supposedly a good investment, I'm not so keen in having that much mercury in the house, especially in a fragile object.

I'm also trying not to have excess waste like leaving lights on in the kitchen even though no one is there. In these tough economical times, every penny counts.  Which brings me to coupons...but thats another story.


wow. long post after a long time of idleness. =] nice job. keep up the good work, cat! and that dude with all the recyclables. o_0 craazy. i bet he looped through all the plastics on the top with string to make em stay up there.
Haha. When I was looking at recycle signs in google image, that thing turned up. o.0