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Departing with...

Today I departed with my favorite piece of luggage.

My cousin Jung is going back to the Philippines and he needs a bag to bring his clothes home. My mom told him we have lots of bags and we are happy to give one. In my mind frame of releasing clutter from this house I agreed with her.

Today, the day where my cousin will pick up the bag, my dad chose three of them. A black roll away, a green roll away, and a purple classic style. My cousin chose the green one which both parties were grateful for. He, for he doesn't have to spend a large amount of money to send his stuff, and my family, to let go a large piece of clutter.

Several hrs later I realized something. That was my favorite piece of luggage! I had that thing for 14 years. That sturdy piece of luggage accompanied me to the Philippines 3 times, and a trip each at Florida, Chicago, Texas, and Hawaii. It was VERY sturdy and it never had any damages associated with well worn items. I guess that is why my cousin chose it.

Its kind of interesting. Everyone knows that whenever you think of me and color, a big chance I will chose black. But this piece is forest green.

I do have a hand carry and backpack I can use for travel, but for long travels more than a week, I would need another large roll away. Ideally, I will get another solid color because printed fabrics are not really me. Push comes to shove, if I have to travel, and I have no time or money to buy a solid colored one, I would have to use the dreaded aloha print piece which I just shudder when thinking about it.

Its bittersweet. A part of me is still attached to it because it was my favorite and it served me well, and another part of me feels good that I was able to help someone out. Oh forest green roll away, you served me well. Make your new owner proud.